Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Clerks & Bailiffs

Clerks and bailiffs are gatekeepers to the kingdom.  Some have bad reputations... just like attorneys.  However, clerks and bailiffs are an asset on which to capitalize.  They KNOW stuff.  I ask the clerks and bailiffs everything.  They probably think I am ridiculous most of the time… I ask about what their judge prefers, what the hearings are called in their courtroom, what days are best to appear on each type of hearing, etc.  If you have multiple hearings in the same courthouse, they will keep you on schedule and out of trouble. Also, if you have to second call a hearing, they are extremely important to make the transition smooth. 

Getting in their good graces is important for your reputation {because they all talk}, but also because it improves your ability and efficiency as an attorney.  If you have the support of the courtroom staff, you will also enjoy court appearances a lot more.

So, remember, make sure to smile and kiss their behinds!