Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I decided to go to law school.

My name is Taylor.  I went to law school because I was not sure what else to do after college.  I had two great law teachers in college and both talked to me about going to law school.  They told me that with a law degree, I could either become a lawyer, or if I decided it was a bad idea, I could always work in a non-profit. I decided to go to law school. 

Law school was fun for me.  I loved the difficulty of the subject and the hours.  I thrived in the competitive environment and also tried my best to get involved.  I made Law Review after my first year and eventually became the Chief Managing Editor.  I also started a student organization called the Public Interest Law Foundation, which raises money to grant to students who work in non-profit jobs over the summers.  Surrounded by excellent professors and opportunities, I realized that law was the perfect field for me.

I have always been a highly organized, driven, and assertive person.  I am also a person who easily sympathizes or empathizes with others.  I make friends easily and can talk to almost anyone.  I find purpose when I am able to help someone with a difficult issue or through a difficult time.

Being a lawyer is a convergence of all of these characteristics.  To be a successful lawyer, I believe you need to be an organized to a fault and have the ability to go head to head with other lawyers or parties involved, but always with civility.  Further, I believe you need to be willing to take on a client’s issue as if it were your own, maybe not emotionally, but with enough zeal and passion to represent the client competently.  Also, I believe you have to relate to clients on a personal level and seek their best interest in finding a solution.

My beliefs about being a lawyer encouraged me to start my own firm.  I did not want to work for a firm or an attorney unless I truly saw my values or beliefs in that firm or attorney.  So, instead of waiting around for the perfect boss, I just decided to become my own. 

Also, I eventually want a family.  I am getting married in July and want to have children.  Being a lawyer and having children will definitely take some juggling, but as your own boss, schedules can be more flexible.  Finally, I want to live my life… I don’t want to work 80 hours a week and never go on vacation and know the four walls of my office better than my family. 

I have always loved traveling and have been to over 15 countries; a few of those countries, I have traveled to multiple times.  I took my first trip at age 14 and since then have always wanted to spend my extra time and money on an adventure, rather than on material things. I try to go on a new trip at least once a year… even if that is exploring the United States.   

Thankfully, I found a partner who shares my vision and supports my dreams.  This is the story of building our law firm…

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