Sunday, August 26, 2012

Websites I Love

Nolo –

Nolo is probably my favorite website for quick information on different areas of law.  It is also an excellent resource for law books.  If you are a new lawyer or just a person looking for some quick and free legal advice, this is definitely the place to stop.

Rocket Lawyer –

Rocket Lawyer is not only a great place to market your firm, but also to learn some basic information on various legal topics.  This website is great for finding a lawyer or just asking some advice.  Also, you can be a member of Rocket Lawyer and have access to the legal forms and can make calls to an attorney for some free advice. 

Avvo –

Along the same lines, Avvo is an excellent place for quick advice.  It is also a website for advice from other professionals.  You can ask quick questions at and have a lawyer respond.  It is also another excellent place to look for reputable attorneys.

Lawyerist –

This website has information on technology for lawyers, tips on starting a law firm, various practice management tips, and other great advice.  I love reading the articles when I have some down time at court or between meetings.  Bristol, Haynes & Associates has used this website in determining what practice management tools to use and what technology to purchase.  

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